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In the manufacturing sector and the processing of stone stairs, there are numerous references to Iran and with the knowledge of the existence of considerable reserves of the stone has the potential to require special processing of the standard in the country resulting in the export of processed form, which in this context management to a distance of 20 From your arrival to this year the industry the following activities to do scale and now about 300 skilled personnel and insured expert is the most advanced Active unit in the country that use the latest technology to produce the global standards and even beyond the quality of the products of Italy, Germany, Spain and South Korea despite the fact that some of the above country of the best manufacturers in the world are we've issued level

The activities of the sangestan group of companies, industries and industrial space on 10 acres of pasargad 30 thousand square .meter production hall and over 3 thousand hectares of mineral space. The location of the factories in the area, which is the access to the highway to transport raw materials and products and the relative proximity to the quarry and the consumer market access products and energy resources and the ability to absorb the force of