Marble quarries

Among the rocks of building stone, marble stone from categories in calcareous soils will be transformed to that among consumers and buyers of building stone is very popular and known. Stone marble in the international markets of the Sub-cats of category to marble. Stone bulk of marble can be said that in principle, less than the enlarged pores with travertine color spectrum, and many are included that can be highly used for different slighh.

Experience has shown that in general no matter how more and more apparent, the pure line, these rocks are also of less strength than the other with the appearance of marble is more crowded on the aware are, of course, has always said that this option should apply to all types of marble stone category. On a marble stone stone GON has been based on calcium carbonate and dolomite of klasit, Crystal s. 2,563 kg/m3 density rock is marble and granite stones of the resistance and its reliability is less, and most of the travertine.